Andre Iguodala Can Get Buyout From Grizzlies Without Losing Any Money

The Grizzlies would like to trade Andre Iguodala so they can receive an asset in return.

The former Warriors forward would prefer to keep all $17.2 million he is owed this season.

"At this point, the only buyout that makes sense -- if I'm speaking on someone else's behalf, thinking as an agent -- is you don't leave money on the table," the 2015 NBA Finals MVP told NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole in an article published Monday. "Especially in this league. Because you'll never get it back, no matter what people say.

"Negotiations are a tactic, so you've got to be careful how you approach it, or how you verbalize what you would do going forward. But you can't leave anything on the table."

On Monday, ESPN's Brian Windhorst explained on "The Jump" how Iguodala can secure a buyout with Memphis and still make all $17.2 million:

"Because he makes $17 million dollars, it's going to be very difficult to trade for him because of the trade rules. I wouldn't say impossible ... but there are ways to take a buyout without leaving money on the table.

"For example -- if he took $2.6 million less (meaning he gives back $2.6 million to the Grizzlies), which is what a veteran's minimum would be, that's not leaving money on the table. Or if he went to his new team and got a two-year guarantee on the veteran's minimum, then you could take $5.2 million less and technically not leave any money.

"Plus, there's a big difference between earning money in Tennessee where there's a much more favorable income tax as opposed to California.

"So while this is a good negotiating position for him to have, I do think there is wiggle room in there where he can not leave money on the table. Eventually, he will be off the Grizzlies."

This makes perfect sense, although it seems unlikely Iguodala would go the two-year route because he should receive offers for more than the minimum in unrestricted free agency next summer.

Golden State fans definitely don't want the 35-year-old to sign for more than one year with the team he ends up on, because that would decrease the chances of Iguodala re-signing with the Warriors down the line.

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We all know that things can change very quickly in the NBA and it's difficult to predict anything. But one thing that is certain right now is that Iguodala is not a member of the Warriors -- something he told Poole he needs to remind himself from time to time.

You'll probably need to do the same on many occasions this season.

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