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Will Brown Crush Oakland's Ballpark Dreams?

The governor's plan puts the new A's stadium on the line.



    Will Brown Crush Oakland's Ballpark Dreams?
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    Governor Jerry Brown's budget cuts might kill Oakland's chance at a new A's ballpark.

    Jerry Brown is just settling into his new governorship and there's already talk of him killing Oakland's chance at having a new A's ballpark.

    As part of Brown's plan to reduce the state's $25 billion budget deficit, he wants to get rid of local redevelopment agencies altogether. That means Oakland's proposal for a new stadium is likely finished.

    The project needs an estimated $100 million in redevelopment money for upgrades and land acquisition. And the ballpark itself will cost about $450 million.

    There have been rumors that MLB will make the A's stay in Oakland, but A's owner Lew Wolff has seriously considered building a new stadium in San Jose. Wolff even offered to loan the city's struggling redevelopment agency some cash in order to get things moving.

    In December, the Oakland city council approved spending $750,000 on an environmental impact study for a 39,000-seat stadium at Victory Square, a few blocks south of Jack London Square.

    The move kept Oakland in the game as an option, but the study might be as far as the city gets.