Bay Area Kansas City Royals Fans: “We Just Want Them to Win”

Meet the Johnsons — possibly the bravest people in San Francisco right now.

Ron and Kimberly Johnson, who live in Lafayette but are supporting the Kansas City Royals, decided to dress up in Royals gear and pose for TV crews and passers-by in front of AT&T Park in San Francisco Saturday.

They brought their three children along as well, who held a "KC Loyal" sign. "Our kids made the sign at school," Kimberly Johnson said smiling.

When asked what kind of reaction they were getting from San Francisco Giants fans walking by them, Ron Johnson said: "People have been mostly civil, except this one guy who got kinda angry."

The last time the Royals were in a World Series was in 1985, when they won the championship. Giants fans are going to extreme lengths to show support for their team — which won two of the last four World Series — with at least two local radio stations pulling Lorde's "Royals" from their playlist. Turns out, Lorde herself was inspired by an old photo of Royals third baseman and Hall of Famer George Brett, which prompted her to write the song.

As for what could have possibly motivated the Johnsons to do something like this — just a few days before the Giants face off against the Royals for Game 1 of the World Series — Ron said it was "our way to show support for our team."

"I've been a Royals fan for a long time and idolized George Brett as a kid," he said.

"We just want them to win," his wife chimed in. "And we'd really really love to get some tickets to the game."

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