Brandon Belt Already Killing It at Fresno

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Brandon Belt had a weird little run with the Giants, going from top prospect to surprising Opening Day starter and suddenly finding himself a bit over his head.

But it was obvious he could play at the bigs, and that's the very reason why I wrote that he shouldn't get too shook up about the demotion. 

And Belt's already proving why he's gotten the opportunities he has less than a week after being sent back down to the minors.

In two games with Triple-A Fresno -- and yes, small-sample-size alert applies here -- Belt's three-for-seven with a home run, two walks, seven total bases and four RBI.

Yes, it's two games (see aforementioned alert). But bigger knee-jerk decisions have been made; in fact, one could argue that such a similar move was made when Belt got shipped back down to Fresno.

Fortunately, it doesn't appear to be affecting his confidence too much -- if it did, it's likely that you'd see Belt funking it up in the Pacific Coast League, and not coming out of the gates swinging.

Even if he went 20-for-20 with 20 home runs, though, you can all but guarantee that Belt stays in the minors as long as the Giants can afford it.

Which is to say, at minimum 20 days, and likely longer.

Bringing him up immediately might create a yo-yo effect on his mental state, and no one needs that. It would also mean starting his free agency clock (we previously discussed the importance of this as well) a year earlier.

The team also needs Aubrey Huff to get his stroke going at first base and/or help slap a winning streak together.

Good news abounds, though, since Belt's the future at the corner, and he appears, through two games, to have enough confidence to rebound from a serious career setback.

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