Brent Burns Loses Locks, Beard for Charity

San Jose Sharks player Brent Burns on Friday shaved off his shoulder-length locks and caveman-esque beard in the name of charity.

A close shave for San Jose Sharks forward Brent Burns raised thousands of dollars for charity Friday.

Burns walked into the Sharks facility with his well-known long hair and beard.

Then he sat down for a trim from teammates.

The teammates took everything.

In a matter of minutes the ZZ Top like beard and shoulder-length locks were gone.

Burns had a clean-shaven face and a bald head.

The hair cut had a purpose.

It was to raise money for two charities. One helps military families and another funds cancer research.

Fans who donated $50s or more will get a signed before and after photo of Burns.

The campaign raised more than $20 thousand to be split among the charities.

Below are images of the event posted to Twitter.

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