Brian Wilson's New, Two-Seam Fastball Is Filthy

Brian Wilson has a new pitch in his repertoire. But no one really knows what it is, and Wilson's not talking about it.

"I don't know," Wilson said over the weekend when asked what kind of pitch he had added to his moves. "I don't get it to move. It goes on its own."

Naturally, Wilson doesn't want to talk about it -- giving away secrets isn't a) smart, or b) his kind of thing. After all, he's a warlock who's constantly shrouded in mystery and stuff.

"It can involve adding a mph or two to your fastball. It can involve locating better," Wilson said about improving his game as a closer. "Or ... maybe it's developing a new pitch."

Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti may have given away the secret when he called the "two-seamer" a "big-time" development.

"The cat's out of the bag. It's another weapon," Righetti said, per Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The pitch has Giants fans all kinds of giddy, as it's -- what appears to be, based on Righetti's comments and everyone's eyeballs -- a two-seam fastball that breaks in impossibly hard on right-hand hitters.

Because you've been dying to see an example of this pitch, when Wilson used it to strike out Andre Ethier in an almost inappropriate manner, how about a GIF, courtesy of Grant Bisbee from McCovey Chronicles:

Aside from Bisbee's loose mouse-click-work, I could watch this all day -- look where the freaking ball starts (out over the plate) and then check where it ends up (Posey's glove is behind Carroll's right knee!).

All of this adds up to easy solution: throw out the first two games of the season when Wilson returned from the disabled list, and get ready to enjoy what could be another All-Star season from a dynamic closer.

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