Wilson’s Bell Ads a ‘Joke’

Brian Wilson Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Brian Wilson's has had lots of success this offseason, provided that success equates to making commercials.

His appearance in the NBA 2K commercial was short-shorts awesomeness and his Taco Bell commercials were hilarious (although one could argue they're getting a bit too much airplay).

Not everyone agrees with their coolness, however. Namely, Astros pitcher Bud Norris.

Burn? I mean, yeah, it's a burn. Another pitcher just called Wilson out for appearing in a pile of ads and referred to him as a "joke."

On the other hand, this is Bud Norris we're talking about, and Wilson, if he so chooses, might have a few comebacks available.

Let's examine some:

  1. Your name is Bud, Bud.
  2. You pitch for the Astros, Bud.
  3. Are you in any commercials, Bud?
  4. Have you even met Charlie Sheen, Bud?
  5. You know you're only seeing the commercials because you don't know what the postseason is, right, Bud?
  6. I can't hear you, my 2010 World Series ring is shining too brightly in my ears, Bud.
  7. Please call me if anyone will pay you for something other than baseball, Bud.
  8. Look at my beard. Now look away. Now look back at my beard. Bud.
  9. U MAD, BUD?

There are probably plenty more, but you get the point. Brian Wilson > Bud Norris.

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