Cosell: Two Keys for Kaepernick to Find Success Under Chip Kelly

On Sunday in Buffalo, Colin Kaepernick will start his first game since Nov. 1, 2015.

"All you can do is go by track record, and the track record up to this point as far as (accuracy) is obviously not real good," Greg Cosell said on KNBR 680 on Wednesday morning. "What you hope is maybe with a new voice in his head -- new coach, different offense -- that he just registers it differently, takes it in internally and that he can function effectively.

"At this point, there's no point in saying that he can or can't do it because we don't know. All you can do is look at track record. He has a very checkered track record ... you just try to take all information, kind of put it in the blender and see what comes out.

"But very often, when you change the voice in your head from a different coaching staff, things can click. We'll see if that's the case."

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Through five games, the 49ers are 31st in the NFL in total yards and passing.

Blaine Gabbert is 30th in passer rating and last in the league at 5.93 yards per attempt.

"The kind of offense he's (Kaepernick) in with Chip -- there's not a lot of deep drops, it's a short quick passing game," Cosell explained. "Ball comes out quick, short throws, some intermediate throws, they take a shot here and there.

"But in that style of offense the traits you absolutely need are precise accuracy, (and) you need to throw with some pace and touch because when you're throwing the ball at nine yards you don't throw a 100mph fastball.

"So those are the traits that he'll need to show to be successful within the context of this offense."

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