D'Angelo Russell Explains How He Landed With Warriors in Free Agency

NBA free agency is a unique experience. Most of us have only been a witness to what the offseason months can bring, but D'Angelo Russell lived it. 

It was his first time being thrown into the free-agent pool and before he landed with the Warriors at the end of June, he was taking it all in just as we were.

"You hear all the chatter, when the free agency hits or whatnot," Russell told Justin Termine on SiriusXM NBA Radio. "I'd never done free agency -- I never got to participate in it."

D-Lo was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers second overall in the 2015 Draft. He was later traded to the Brooklyn Nets in June of 2017 where he spent two seasons. 

"I was just going with the flow, and I heard all these teams kinda mentioning to me, or not mentioning me, but putting me on their radar," he added. "It was up to me to kind of make a decision on where I wanted to go."

Russell knew he wasn't going back to Brooklyn and knew he had to wait for Kevin Durant to make a move.

"And then this came upon, as far as 'I might go to Golden State,' and I'm like 'How does that work? I'm going to go through free agency? I'm going to take a meeting? Like, how does that work?'"

These were important questions to ask knowing everyone is monitoring each move you make and not sure which rumors are worth paying attention to. 

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KD would make his way to Brooklyn and, as Russell explained, all the puzzle pieces joined together. And as difficult as free agency appears to be, he said it wasn't that bad as it had been his first time going through the process.

You can watch the entire interview in the tweet above. 

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