Draymond Green Says It's Not His Job to Tell Kevin Durant to Shoot More

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On March 24, Kevin Durant only shot the ball six times in the Warriors' win over the Pistons.

"When it boils down to it we are going to need Kevin Durant taking more than six shots," Draymond Green told reporters after the game. "When its money time, we're not going to have Kevin Durant taking six shots."

Well, in Golden State's Game 2 loss to the Clippers on Monday night, the four-time scoring champion only took eight shots (plus 12 free throws).

Is Draymond Green encouraging Durant to shoot more?

"I just encourage him to play basketball however he feel he should play it," the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year said after practice on Wednesday. "It's not really my job to decide what somebody else should do -- how they feel they should play the game of basketball.

"That's on them."

This response certainly doesn't scream "The Draymond-Durant relationship is in a great place right now." In fact, it makes it seem like it's the opposite.

Is Draymond trying to express his opinion to Durant only to have the message fall on deaf ears? Has KD told him to back off?

As NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole wrote on Tuesday:

This used to be where Draymond Green would step in and light a fire under Durant. That no longer is a credible option and hasn't been since Draymond went full flamethrower on KD back in November. They've become teammates, period.

Does Steve Kerr think Durant could have been more aggressive in the second half of Game 2?

"Oh yeah. Yeah. Absolutely," he told reporters on Wednesday. "The guy's the most skilled basketball player on planet Earth. There's nobody who can do what he can do. Absolutely he needs to be more aggressive. It's the playoffs.

"He can get any shot he wants any time. I want to see him get 20 shots -- 30. It was a tough game for him. He had nine turnovers. It wasn't his night.

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"But like I said, he's the most skilled basketball player on Earth. And he's a champion, a two-time Finals MVP. This guy ... yeah. He'll be coming out tomorrow firing and ready to play."

Based on what Durant said to the media, it's entirely possible that the 10-time All-Star ends up with single-digit field goal attempts in Game 3.

"I'm not gonna go out there and just go shoot 20 or 30 shots," he explained. "I don't play like that. Every time I touch it, I'm not gonna just break the play. ... I'm gonna play basketball."

Enjoy the game tonight.

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