Dwyane Wade Asks Pleasanton's Gabrielle Union to Keep It Down

Foothill High School graduate talks about being asked to move a few rows back at NBA games.

The next time actress Gabrielle Union returns home to the Bay Area, the Golden State Warriors won't have to worry about her heckling ways.

The girlfriend of Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and the Foothill High School graduate has been asked by her superstar boyfriend to take a break from sitting in the front row at games.

"I'm bad," she said this week on an appearance on Conan. "A, I don't sit court side, that got killed when I became as vocal."

Union confessed Wade requested that she sit back a few rows so she wouldn't be such a distraction.

"(Wade) said we're gonna need you a few rows back 'cause I can hear everything," Union said.

You can see the full interview for yourself below.

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