Family Releases Bryan Stow Update

The family of the Giants fan injured following the team's Opening Day game in Los Angeles released new details on his medical condition Wednesday.

Bryan Stow's family said that he is not responding to stimulation as much as the doctors would like him to now that he is out of a medically induced coma.  Doctors took Stow off the medication that was keeping him in a coma last Tuesday. He was able to come off of it without suffering any seizures, but he also did not wake up and he is not responding. 

The family said Wednesday the next steps for Stow is to start lowering the eight other medications he is taking with the hopes that he can come off of them without experiencing major seizures.  On the Bryan Stow Website the family said, "He has been having seizure spikes but the doctors cannot keep "chasing" those and still expect to try to check his reactions."

They added they will continue to wait.. and pray.

Stow was attacked from behind while he was leaving the Giants game against the Los Angeles Dodger on March 31. He suffered a critical brain injury. Police have not been able to track down the two men, who were wearing Dodger gear, responsible for the attack.

Money, prayers and good wishes have been pouring in ever since. The San Francisco Giants minor league teams in San Jose and Fresno handed a $43,362 check to Stow's two young children on Sunday. The money will be added to fund that will be used to help with his loss of wages, family travel and any medical costs that Stow's insurance doesn't pick up.

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