Bill Belichick Denies Al Davis' Allegations That Patriots Tampered With Randy Moss

First things first: props to's Tim Graham for typing these words: "Al Davis, still in his Battlestar Galactica outfit, had some choice words on many subjects after Wednesday's bizarre news conference to announce he had fired head coach Lane Kiffin."

It actually makes sense, Al being a Cylon, and it goes a long way in explaining his increasingly erratic/paranoid behavior.

In Graham's post on Human/Cylon relations, he points out that contrary to Davis' earlier comments, Bill Belichick denies that the Patriots tampered with Randy Moss. This morning, MDS mentioned that Davis referred to the New England head coach as "What's his name" (which is better than "Belicheat, I suppose) while leveling these accusations, but ultimately concluded that the Raiders owner is bitter that the team gave up the best receiver in football for a fourth-round pick.

Well, Whatshisname responds, via a conference call:

"I've told the story about Randy many, many times," Belichick said. "The first time I ever talked to Randy was the Sunday morning of the second day of the draft last year. That is the first time I met him, the first time I talked to him. No, there was no workout. There was no other contact with him."

So that's that. And even if it's not -- even if the Pats did tamper -- nobody's believing Davis because, well, he's obviously insane. And now that the resurrection ship has been destroyed, he's not even guaranteed everlasting life. Bummer.

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