Someone Thinks Grant Hill Has No Talent, Plays for Golden State

Crazy box score from that game between the Warriors and the Kings Wednesday night, right? Well, it's even crazier if you're Grant Hill and decide to hit up to check it out. See, for some reason, whoever does the box scores for the site doesn't seem to like Hill very much, and doesn't even know what team he currently plays for.

That's a screen capture of the Warriors' portion of the box score from their game against the Kings, and for some reason, there's Grant Hill listed on the squad as receiving a DNP - OLD AGE/LACK OF TALENT.


Hill has been quietly amazing for the Suns this year, starting for the team and putting up over 19 points in five of his last six games. He's one of the game's best finishers around the rim, and is as professional as they come.

While it's of course amusing to see something like this pop up on the league's website, the fact is that it's a blatant error, and one that needlessly (and incorrectly) insults one of the game's classier players. Funny, sure. But someone needs to get busted for the inaccuracy, because Hill doesn't play for the Warriors, and has actually been pretty darn awesome this season.

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