San Francisco Giants Fan Jumps Into McCovey Cove For Panik's Home Run Ball

Talk about determination.

Remember the Giants fan who caught a home run ball with his left hand while holding a baby at a Giants-Rockies game last year? On Friday, a fan didn't think twice about leaping into the cold waters of McCovey Cove right outside AT&T Park to recover Joe Panik's home run ball.

A Vine video by the San Francisco Giants shows the fan jumping across the railing to catch the homer during the bottom of the seventh inning against the Phillies.

"Technically not a splash hit, but we can't stop watching," the Giants tweeted out.

"No regrets," "Seemed like a good idea at the time," tweeted.

As for the game itself, Hunter Pence hit a grand slam and the San Francisco Giants set a franchise record for hits at AT&T Park en route to a 15-2 blowout over the Philadelphia Phillies.

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