Giants Like Indians Closer Chris Perez: Report

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There's no question about it: by the July 31 trade deadline, the Giants would like to acquire a bullpen arm (or two). We don't need rumors and reports to figure that out.

And we also know, based on Santiago Casilla's recent performance, that Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy wouldn't mind getting the team a new closer.

So how about a specific name that could work: Chris Perez of the Indians.

Perez, according to Ken Rosenthal of, is one of several players that the Indians will consider dealing as the deadline approaches. (How many players they're willing to deal depends on how far out of the playoff race they are as the deadline gets closer.)

The closer is a pretty good fit for the Giants, for a number of different reasons. One, the Giants need relievers. Two, he's not a free agent after this year and will earn, per Rosenthal, about $7 million next year. The Giants can deal with that.

Most importantly, though, is this nugget from Rosenthal: the Indians "would not want prospects in return, but players who would strengthen their current club" if they decided to move someone like Perez.

The Giants aren't exactly swimming with insane talent readily available to move, but they are much more talented at the MLB level than they are in the minor leagues. And the Giants don't want to blow up the farm system any further this season -- going after a guy like Perez who would only cost current players makes a lot of sense.

There's also a little bit of irony that would come about if the Giants landed Perez: with Brian Wilson out, Perez has been baseball's "wacky, bearded, outspoken closer" this year. It would be fairly amusing if San Francisco actually ended up having him on the roster as well.

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