Giants Squeak Home Opener in Extras 5-4

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Aaron Rowand, for as much as he's -- ahem -- not preferred by Giants' fans, won the home opener for the second-straight year.

It took extra innings, and it was definitely a weird evening for Giants baseball, but it happened, and the boys are 1-0 are home. Which means something. I think; it's easy to discount how not great the team looked in various areas on Friday night, but it's also worth mentioning that a win is a win.

If you need proof that this game was weird, well, why?

First of all, the game went 12 innings. Extra innings are where the weird people live.

Second of all, Miguel Tejada was called -- by the public announcer -- "Michael Tejada," and that's ... weird. Right? (Maybe awesome, but definitely strange.)

Thirdly, Brian Wilson got jacked in the ninth for a pair of runs, which only makes his first return to the bigs more questionable (he gave up a trio of runs in a non-save situation).

And, well, you get it, right? It was a weird night for the Giants.

But that kind of makes sense. After all, this is a team that defied everything imaginable to win the World Series for the first time in more years than many of us have lived.

Would it be normal if they plowed through the schedule the way the Yankees might? No. Would it be normal if they experienced "regular problems" en route to the title defense?

Of course not.

What makes this bizarre way in which the Giants won much more acceptable is that they've been here. They've done this. And they'll probably do it again.

Are Wilson's struggles an issue? Definitely. Is it problematic that Burrell is burning up all his good at bats early in the season? Sure.

But there are plenty of good reasons to remain bullish on this team. Brandon Belt and Buster Posey, who are starting to small-sample-size warm up, are great examples of why the Giants can contend.

It's ... well, you know what? It's all good.

Because the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants just defended their home turf in the first game, at AT&T, of the year. And the road trip that proceeded this might have been a nightmare of epic proportions, but if 2010 taught us anything, weird is good.

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