Game #2: Warriors vs Raptors – It's Gonna Be Scary!


Warriors (W-L): 0 - 1 (The Big Pumpkin)
Raptors (W-L):  1-0 (The Lil' Pumpkin)
Time:: 4:00 PM PST

TV: CSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 1050


R Dizzle's House, 10/31/08, 4 PM


R Dizzle: Man, I'm glad it's finally Friday!  Work really sucked this week, but at least the Warriors season kicked off and I got to chill with a buncha my homies at GSoM Night 5!

Unfortunately that game was terrible for both my blood pressure and my heart seeing as though I went home crying.  No matter, at least that game gave me a bit of hope, or dare I say it, BELIEF, in this team that I wrote off months ago.

But on to tonight!  It's Friday, I ditched work early so I could catch the 4 PM tip off and there's nothing around to distract me!  Warriors vs Raptors baby!  I get to see my main man Jermaine play against his old teammates!  This is going to be dope!

Ding dong!

R Dizzle:  What the...who could be buggin me during my Warriors game?  This better be good...

Kid #1: Trick or treat!

R Dizzle:  Oh snap!  I completely forgot it's Halloween!  Guess I'm a bit too old for that now...anyway, green skin, head band, and a ninja costume?  You must be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!  Which one?  Leonardo?  Michaelangelo?  Raphael?  Or Donatello?  He was my fave back in the day...he did machines!

Kid #1: Who are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  I'm supposed to be Al Harrington

R Dizzle:  You have very poor humor kid.  Take the candy and  go get traded or something.  I'm going back to the game.


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R Dizzle's House, 10/31/08, 5 PM


Ding dong!

R Dizzle: Hopefully this kid is better than the last one...

Kid #2: Trick or treat!

R Dizzle:  Alright cool.  With that sheet on, you're obviously a ghost.  Wait, but why do you have such huge biceps attached to your costume?

Kid #3:  Cause I'm Kelenna Azu-BOO-ke!

R Dizzle:  Creative...take some Twix and dominate the court like you did last game!



R Dizzle's House, 10/31/08, 5:30 PM


Ding dong!

Kid #3: Trick or treat!

R Dizzle:  Ok this is easy.  Big nose,'re Pinocchio!  By the way, sorry to see you're on crutches, what happened?

Kid #3:  Pinocchio?  NO!  The crutches are part of the costume!  I'm Monta Ellis!

R Dizzle: Now that's just mean.


R Dizzle's House, 10/31/08, 6:00 PM


Ding dong!

Kid #4: Trick or treat!

R Dizzle:  You're..a pair of scissors?  Why would you possibly dress up like a pair of scissors on Halloween?

Kid #4:  I'm supposed to be Baron Davis!

R Dizzle: I don't get it.

Kid #4: I'm a Clipper now!

R Dizzle: Get off my property. 


R Dizzle's House, 10/31/08, 6:30 PM


Ding dong!

R Dizzle: It's a good thing I'm DVRing the game..

Kid #5:  Trick or treat!

R Dizzle: Wait, I totally know this one.  You're a roll of Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet must be Troy Murphy!

Kid #5:  Yup!

R Dizzle:  You're my favorite one yet.


This joke will never get old!


R Dizzle's House, 10/31/08, 7:00 PM


Ding dong!

R Dizzle: Alright, this is ridiculous.  The game is almost over and I've been interrupted constantly by obnoxious kids with very very poor humor.  This next kid better be something real...

Mike Dunleavy: Trick or treat!

R Dizzle:  Jeez, you're UGLY!  And really REALLY REALLY scary looking.  Who are you supposed to be?

Mike Dunleavy: I'm not dressed up.  I'm Mike Dunleavy.

R Dizzle:  Oh God!  It's the Ghost of Christmas Past!!  Run for your life!!


You would definitely win the "Most Scary Looking" contest if you were Dunleavy for Halloween!


Alright, enough of my bad humor.  I'm super excited to see how the Dubs match up against the Raptors who are still cooling down their victory from Wednesday night.  Chris Bosh alone pulled out 27 points and 11 boards and seeing though no one's going to be able to really stop him, he's gonna have another huge night.

Their big offseason acquisition, Jermaine O'Neal, also pulled in a decent first night with 17 points and 8 rebounds.  I'm intrigued to see Harrington (or Jack?) D-up against their former teammate in tonight's game.  O'Neal looks healthy off of his injury so he might end up being tonight's Warrior Killer...

Lastly, it'll be interesting to see how the Dubs bounce back after Wednesday's loss.  No one really thought they had a chance coming into that game, but they stuck with it to the very end.  Maybe that's the kind of confidence booster this team needed to jump start the season!

R Dizzle's Predictions:

  • Warriors by 5
  • Maggette and Jack pull down another 20+
  • Jermaine and Bosh destroy us on the boards
  • Monta Ellis scores 30...oh wait, my bad.  Scratch that one.

Happy Halloween!  Enjoy the Warriors game in the evening and be safe and have fun tonight!

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