GSOM Night 5: Unveiling the T-shirt


As you may know, GSOM Night 5 happens on opening night this year against the New Orleans Hornets. I've already given you the basic info and 5 Reasons to Attend, now I'm dropping the t-shirt that Tony.psd designed.

There are still tickets left but to guarantee that you receive a t-shirt, you have to order by October 19. Chris Murphy and the Warriors have made it super easy to order your tickets - just order them online.

I'm pumped for opening night despite my reservations of the team. It'll be my first chance to see Corey Maggette on the court not tearing up the Warriors, Ronny Turiaf annoying the other team's fans, Stephen Jackson in his new role, and all the young guys step up their game in the absence of Monta and Baron. There's really no night like Opening Night. Hopefully the Warriors organization blows it out and does something great for the fans.

Order your tickets today to guarantee you'll get the t-shirt above.

As always, since me and the rest of the crew will be handing out the t-shirts, I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you at opening night as I can.

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