Harlem Globetrotters, Golden State Warriors Engage in Witty Twitter Banter

The two teams took it off the court and onto the computer screen.

If this isn’t a show of good sportsmanship, what is?

The Harlem Globetrotters poked some well-meaning fun at the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday through the team’s Twitter account.

The pithy tweets come on the heels of the Warriors setting a number of league records, including best start and road wins. The NBA champs are also closing in on the record for the league's longest winning streak, which currently belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers, with 33 games in 1971-1972.

Naturally, the Harlem Globetrotters felt it necessary to remind everyone why exhibition teams are nothing to sneer at.

In response, the Warriors took the joke in stride, tweeting out #squadgoals and effectively melting the hearts of Bay Area Basketball fans.

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