I Missed the Super Bowl to Party in Tijuana

Barret Robbins explains why he missed the biggest game of his career

More than six years after Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins didn't show up for the biggest game of his life, the former Pro-Bowl player finally explains why.

Robbins disappeared the day before the Raiders played in the Super Bowl in San Diego. His family was worried that the mentally unstable man was dead while the team was concerned about who would start at center.

On Tuesday HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel will air in interview with Robbins where he finally explains where he was. Robbins skipped his San Diego hotel, without his wallet and his cell phone, to party in Tijuana, Mexico the day before and the day of the Super Bowl. .

"I was in a very bad state of mind at that point," Robbins said. "In my mind we had already won the Super Bowl and we were already celebrating."

Check out a preview of the interview that aired on HBO Tuesday night.

Barret Robbins explains why he missed the Super Bowl
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