Joey Chestnut No Match for Black Widow of Competitive Eating

The Bay Area's own Joey "Jaws" Chestnut may be the best when it comes to eating hot dogs, but he is no king of wings.

Chestnut taken down by the "Black Widow" Sonya Thomas in Sunday's annual Wing Festival in Buffalo.

Weighing in at just 100 lbs., Thomas scarfed down 183 chicken wings in 12 minutes to win the title and set a new record. That's two more than she ate last year.

Chestnut came in second place with 174 wings.

The winner of Sunday's eat out received $1,500. Second place won $750.

For the first time this 4th of July, Thomas and Chestnut did not face off in the Coney Island hot dog eating competition. That's because Nathan's sponsored a separate contest for the women. Thomas won that one. Chestnut won the men's contest.

Thomas is called the "Black Widow" because she often beats her male competitors in eating contests.

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