Jon Gruden, Jr. Links Dad to 49ers Job

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer attempted to tamper down some of the crazy Jon Gruden coaching rumors flying around out there this weekend, but he just ended up creating more. The gumshoe NFL reporter even speculated that the only job Gruden will take is the head coaching job with the San Francisco 49ers.

Gruden had been rumored to be heading to the University of Miami college coaching vacancy, and last week some reports erroneously had him close to taking the gig.

But this week on Fox NFL Sunday, Jay Glazer blew off that Hurricanes rumor. "He was never going to the University of Miami," Glazer said on-air. "I think he wanted it out there. One place he’s linked to is the San Francisco 49ers."

Know who else is linking Jon Gruden to the San Francisco 49ers coaching job? Jon Gruden, Jr., Gruden's high school age son.

"He was gonna let me finish high school,''  the younger Gruden told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, speculating on his dad's coaching future. "He was talking about going to San Francisco, but that’s really probably going to be in the next two years or something like that."

Junior Gruden may be in a position to know a lot more about his father's plans than most people. Or then again, that rumor might be child's play.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who would award the job to whomever wins a Jon Gruden vs. Jim Harbaugh scowling contest.

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