Junior Raiderettes To Throw Down Sunday

The Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs have won only three games combined this season, so this Sunday's game might be an ugly one.   But the ugly will turn to cute come halftime.

While the big boys are cooling off in the locker rooms,  Junior Raiderettes will turn the field into a dance floor.

The cheerleader dance team is made up of  7- to 15-year-old girls. There will be more than 300 Raider-attired, dancing, screaming, cheering lady tweens on-field at one time, so it's going to be one heck of an adorable show.

The Junior Raiderettes aren't the kind of cheerleaders who would kick you off their lunch table because you're not popular enough. The Junior Raiderettes team is open to all girls ages 7 to 15, regardless of shape, size, and ability level. The only requirement is that the young lady attend rehearsal regularly for three months.  That 90 day effort will pay off this coming Sunday.

Junior Raiderette fans can get a preview of Sunday's show and get a first look at some of the budding 2009 Junior Raiderettes in a video at Raiders.com.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is still not popular enough to sit at the cheerleaders' table at lunch.

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