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Kaepernick Explains Why He Wore Muhammad Ali T-Shirt After Bills Game

Following the 49ers' loss to the Bills on Sunday, Colin Kaepernick wore a shirt sporting the late Muhammad Ali.

He explained his outfit of choice to reporters:

"To pay homage," Kaepernick answered. "He fought a very similar fight and was trying to do what's right for the people. And for me to be able to have someone like that come before me is huge.

"He is someone who helped pave the way for this to happen. What he did and what he stood for, people remember him more for that than I do as a boxer.

"I can't let him die in vain. I have to be able to carry that on and try to fight that same fight until we accomplish our goal."

Kaepernick completed 13 of 29 passes for 187 yards and a touchdown.

He also led the 49ers with 66 rushing yards.

Head coach Chip Kelly announced on Monday that Kaepernick will start again on Sunday against Tampa Bay.

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