Kawhi Leonard Says Warriors Are Different, But Too Early to Judge

The season opener didn't go as planned for the Warriors, as they fell 141-122 to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night at Chase Center. It was a familiar sight for reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

After leaving the Toronto Raptors for the Clippers, he was asked after the game for his view on the team he beat in the NBA Finals last season. He said there was only one common theme from the previous Dubs.

"Steph Curry in charge of the team, how great he is, and that's really just what I've seen that is familiar or similar," Leonard told reporters after the game. "Obviously Draymond [Green], he ended up getting hurt so he was out a little bit, but you know, just Steph Curry is similar, but the team's different this year, you know what I mean -- losing [Andre] Iguodala ... they got a lot of young players coming off that bench."

The Warriors made plenty of moves in the offseason to prove Leonard's statements true. Andre Iguodala is gone, Kevin Durant is gone and Shaun Livingston retired. Although they re-signed Klay Thompson, he remains sidelined as he recovers from a torn ACL.  

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The team cleaned up well in the draft though, which brings even more new faces for the team such as Jordan Poole and Eric Paschall. Leonard acknowledged that fact, but still holds respect for the team.

"It's a different Warriors team right now," Leonard added. "I think they're still going to be a good team -- it's only the first game, you know what I mean? Can't judge them yet."


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