Kings Mock Lakers With Twitter Post After Beating Melbourne United

Don't say it if you can't take it.

The Kings finished their preseason slate in winning fashion Wednesday night, defeating the visiting Melbourne United of the NBL, 124-110. Sacramento toyed with its opponent early, and then had some fun at another team's expense after it was all over.

In posting the final score, the Kings' Twitter account posted a graphic with an accompanying shot at none other than the Lakers.

The message contained within the Kings' post is a direct reference to one posted by Los Angeles after a similarly meaningless preseason victory over the Warriors, in which the Lakers directed their warning to the rest of the NBA.

The reference was lost in translation, however, as the NBL didn't appear to pick up on the joke.

Complex ranked Sacramento's Twitter account as No. 1 among all of the NBA teams at the end of last season and, evidently, the Kings' social team didn't get rusty over the course of the offseason. They can't move any higher, but timely comedy like that will help ensure they remain in the top spot.

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For those wondering, the Lakers didn't respond. They were too busy getting overly excited about another pointless preseason outcome after beating the Warriors again.

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