May the 4th Be With You: ‘Star Wars Game' Coming Soon

Today is Star Wars Day. Because, you know, "May the 4th be with you" is hysterical. And it's also a reminder that four months from now, on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 1:05 PM PDT, the Giants will be hosting "Star Wars Day" at AT&T Park.

What might that entail, you ask? Excellent question.

For starters, they'll be hosting the division rival Diamondbacks, and the ticket is an "all you can geek" entry fee, because it takes care of all the things we're mentioning.

Kicking off those things are "pre-game festivities" that will feature a "very special Star-Wars themed Giants giveaway." Hopefully, it'll be dinner with Brian Wilson, which be weirder, cooler and more extraterrestrial than anything George Lucas could ever dream up.

Presumably, if you buy tickets to this game, you will wear you finest Star Wars gear. If you've got a good costume that you're rocking, take a picture and tweet it to us @GiantsCove (our new blog-specific account!) -- if we get some good ones, I'll figure out a way to get people a cool gift or something.

After the game, your ticket will be good for a "post-game screening Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back." As I understand it, this means that you get to a) go see baseball, b) get your geek on and c) watch one of the best movies of all-time on the big screen after the baseball ends. And, as mentioned above, all of this is utilizing the same ticket. (Buy them at the Giants site here.)

One of the most fantastic things about San Francisco is the culture surrounding the city -- the citizens are willing to embrace some quirky things and "smarter" aspects of life. Like, say, Star Wars.

Fortunately, the Giants realize this, and that's why they've got this little shindig lined up for the fans. 

Honestly, the idea of watching Empire Strikes Back in the middle of AT&T might be the coolest thing I've heard of in a while; although I'd prefer it to be pitch-black dark and have 3-D action, it'll still be late in afternoon by the time the game ends and a fun time for all.

As the Giants note, this is all but guaranteed to sell out, so go ahead and get your 4th on ahead of time.

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