Neymar Makes Warriors' Investment in Curry Seem Like Vet Minimum

If Stephen Curry really did offer to leave money on the Golden State Warriors' sumptuous table to help the team sign all the Swaggy Ps there are, then the obvious question becomes why Bob Myers didn't take him up on it.

And the obvious answer is that Myers was playing the long game, knowing that it was Curry's turn to get paid, and that extended good will and lucrative business opportunities beats short term savings every time.

This, as opposed to Neymar, the ultrabrilliant scorer for Paris Saint Germain. Neymar saw his window and struck, as did Paris Saint Germain, and for only $592 million (transfer fee plus his five years of wages at $1.025 million PER WEEK plus a payoff to his father/agent), he is now the new global sporting wallet/icon.

Not Curry. Not Floyd Mayweather. Not LeBron James in 2018. Neymar.

And that number is even more magnificent because that number is $14 million more than PSG's revenue for all of last year. In fact, the one-year cost of $316 million (which includes the transfer fee but not the other four years of salary and ancillary office supplies) is greater than the yearly revenues of all but 11 international soccer teams, eight baseball teams, two NBA teams and most of the NFL. That's a massive outlay that makes the Warriors' investment in Curry seem like the veteran minimum.

In other words, now that Curry knows about Neymar, he might be thanking Myers for declining his offer – although his father Dell might take note that Neymar's dad will end up making nearly $90 million on his son's deals over the last year.

In short, Curry should have offered a sweetheart deal to his dad just to keep familial peace, lest Thanksgiving be ruined by Dell saying, "Before we say grace, how about that 90 large I'm out, son?"

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