OJ Simpson’s Stolen Heisman Trophy Recovered

OJ Simpson Heisman Recovered

After missing for over 20 years, the stolen Heisman trophy honoring OJ Simpson has been found.

Detectives assigned to LAPD's art theft detail recovered the trophy Dec. 16, said LAPD Officer Drake Madison in a statement.

It was stolen in a burglary that occurred on the campus of the University of Southern California on July 28, 1994.

At the time, Simpson was awaiting trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, who were killed the previous month. He would be acquitted in 1995.

A custodian discovered the burglary, which involved dismantling Plexiglas display cases.

Police would give no further details on where or how they found the trophy, saying the investigation was still open. They sought the public's help with further leads in the probe and any word on the location of the jersey, which remains missing.

The trophy as well as a jersey that was worn by Simpson were on display in the lobby of Heritage Hall on the USC campus.

The trophy recovered is the duplicate given to the university, not the one awarded to OJ Simpson himself.

Simpson's own trophy was seized under a $33.5 million judgment after a civil court found Simpson liable for the deaths of Nicole Simpson and Goldman.

Simpson is now in a Nevada prison after a 2008 conviction for kidnapping and armed robbery in a hotel room heist in Las Vegas. The Nevada Supreme Court is considering an appeal seeking his release.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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