Penguins Fans Turn to the Power of a Local Church

A little help from a higher power has some hockey fans in Pittsburgh, Penn. putting in some extra prayer time.

Epiphany Catholic Church has been cemented in the Steel City for 114 years. Six years ago, it welcomed a new neighbor, Consol Energy Center.

The home of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the historic church offer two contrasting environments, but some collaboration seems to be in the works.

"I think they're trying to get everyone together to pray for the Pens," said Penguins fan Dan Bellan. "I don't think it's needed but we'll take anything we can get."

Churchgoer Steve Asseff is no foreigner to seeing some black and hold inside the place of worship.

"I have never heard the priest at one of the petitions during mass ask for a prayer for the Penguins but as what's going on in the heart of everybody that's worshipping, God only knows," Asseff said.

When a championship is on the line, sports fans will do just about anything to get an advantage.

"So while God can grant all things, I'll pray for a Pens victory at the same time," Asseff said.

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