Police Called to Ray McDonald's House After Female Held Gun

San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald on Thursday night provided no comment when NBC Bay Area asked for a reaction to a new report released by San Jose police.

McDonald was arrested on Aug. 31 on suspicion of felony domestic violence. A report released by police on Thursday shows that was not the only time officers were called to his home after a dispute involving McDonald and his fiancee.

“An engaged couple (a male and female subject) were in an argument when the female subject became upset, grabbed a firearm (handgun) registered to the male subject, and held it at her side,” according to the report.

The woman fled when the man threatened to call 911, police said. Officers did not make any arrests that night.

"This 911 tape evidence that the police submitted today is going to be a bombshell potentially for the Ray McDonald case," said Steven Clark, a legal analyst.

The incident described in the police report came before McDonald's high-profile arrest last month after a party at his home. Police report that his fiancee had visible injuries.

"If Mr. McDonald can show that on a past occasion he was the one that felt threatened because his fiancee picked up a gun that could explain his conduct in August," Clark said. "It gives credibility to a potential self-defense case."

The McDonald case comes as the National Football League, along with its commissioner, are under heavy scrutiny on how it is handling a number of domestic violence cases involving players.

In addition, Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier spoke out against McDonald on the house floor this week and questioned why the player has not been benched.

"What we have here is merely an accusation and I think the 49ers are being very careful in making sure they don’t rush to judgment," Clark said.

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