SF Police Seek Bus-Wrecking Giants Fan

Following the Giants World Series victory, fans in San Francisco were extremely happy. And also extremely rowdy -- they set bonfires off, destroyed public property, smashed store windows and generally acted like a group of insane people.

At least one fan is being actively pursued by the San Francisco Police Department as well -- per sportscaster Josh Suchon, the police wants the public's help in finding the man you see above.

This, ahem, gentleman allegedly decided to pick up a guard railing and, as you can see, smash it throw a city bus.

That's not acceptable behavior anywhere, any time or any place. You can talk about reveling in the madness of winning a World Series, but, dude, it appears as though you just got caught on camera smashing a giant piece of metal through a city bus window.

The shame spiral that comes the following day with pulling that off and/or seeing your picture on the news can't be too enjoyable.

But also not enjoyable? Having to cough up taxpayer money to get the bus fixed. The mayor said it's going to cost $700,000.

You can ring up anonymous tip lines for the San Francisco Police Department from this link.

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