Puck Headlines: Gonchar gone for weeks, months or season?

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Sergei Gonchar's going to have his shoulder re-evaluated today. The diagnosis could be the difference between his missing six weeks or six months. And the difference between the Pittsburgh Penguins eagerly awaiting the return of Sergei Gonchar this season or adjusting to Kris Letang, primary offensive defenseman. [Sportsnet]

Sidney Crosby was given the general news feature treatment on Sunday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but offered an interesting take on watching the Detroit Red Wings celebrate the Stanley Cup last season: "You want the feeling of winning, but it's almost like you don't ever want that feeling of losing again. I don't know which is stronger." [Post Gazette]

Here's an awesome video about the creation of the Buffalo Sabres third jersey and some other new Sabres gear that will soon hit the market is fantastic. They're finally making T-shirts that the players would actually wear. [H/T Uni Watch]

• The Calgary Flames are making noises about a third jersey next season, but say it won't be like that wacky fire-breathing horse they had last time. Which gives us hope that it will be an image of a girl flashing the bar on the Red Mile. [Icethetics]

• Will Patrick Sharp be the second line center for the Chicago Blackhawks this season? [Third Man In]

• From the mouth of Chris Chelios: "Obviously Toronto is always thinking that they're the best team in the world every year -- until they miss the playoffs -- but no, it's going to be great." Someone should show Cheli notes from a Ron Wilson preseason press conference. [Snapshots]

• The OFB boys were not exactly enamored with TSN's effort on its Washington Capitals preview. "The article smacks of a thrown-together last-minute term paper written by a hung over college student - do some slapdash Internet research, throw together a few seemingly safe conclusions, and don't waste time with fact-checking or actual analysis." Somewhere, Darren Dreger weeps. [On Frozen Blog]

• The Montreal Canadiens have a new goal song from Simple Plan, replacing "Vertigo" from U2, which obviously wasn't French Canadian enough. And obviously Avril was too punk. [Eyes on the Prize]

• "Joe Sakic abides. I don't know about you but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' he's out there. Joe Sakic. Takin' 'er easy for all us sinners. Shoosh. I sure hope he makes the finals." [Barry Melrose Rocks]

• Speaking of poker tournaments, chatting with Anze Kopitar of the Los Angeles Kings about card playing and the upcoming season. [Life in Hockeywood]

• The New York Rangers are loading up on excuses already? [Scotty Hockey]

• Oh, Mr. Bettman: "We chose not to be [on ESPN]. The relationship that we have with Versus is quite significant both financially and in terms of the coverage they give us. We have no complaints." Please note the order of benefits in that relationship. [CP]

• The number of NHL team playing in Europe next season could double, according to ESPN. Mike Chen breaks down why the NHL and the NHLPA are so darn excited for more European games. Hint, hint: It has something to do with piggy banks. [Chen]

Mike Komisarek of the Montreal Canadiens is a beast. [THN]

• With the injury to Erik Johnson, the St. Louis Blues are experimenting with a five-forward power play this season. Hell, why not just put Manny Legace on the point, too. Have some fun! [The Hockey Guy]

• Finally, if you're wondering what hockey in Las Vegas will look like, here you go. But what the hell is AJ Pierzynski doing in a slots parlor during a pennant race?

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