Raider Assistant Cooperating with Cops: Report

This Quentin Tarantino movie of a Raiders training camp just got a whole lot more NC-17. Randy Hanson, the assistant coach who somehow suffered a fractured jaw in an altercation with head coach Tom Cable, has hired a lawyer and is pressing charges against coach Cable for allegedly punching him. 

If that's not enough, sources say Hanson is also alleging that Tom Cable choked him while screaming, "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!"

Look at the bright side, Raider fans. At least the chair and the cabinet aren't planning on pressing any charges.

The National Football Post is now reporting that Hanson has lawyered up and is fully cooperating with Napa Police. He's handing over medical records to law enforcement, and he claims his jaw has somehow gone from "only fractured" to "definitely broken". If the jaw really is broken, we're talking felony charges against Tom Cable.

But the really damaging stuff is in the more detailed accounts of the fracas which are now emerging since Hanson decided to turn sides. "Cable knocked Hanson out of his chair and up against the wall and into a cabinet," the Post is now reporting. "Cable and Hanson fell to the floor, where Hanson was choked, the source said, and Cable was pulled off Hanson by the their (coaches) before Cable went after Hanson again."

It appears Hanson's sudden change of heart was facilitated by the fact that the Raider organization attempted to demote him after the incident. The Post reports that Hanson had a phone conversation with Al Davis, and Davis gave him three options for a reduced role to  minimize friction between him and Cable. One of these options was to simply not show up for work anymore and continue collecting his full pay.

And Hanson hung up on him.

Hanson was already in a pretty curious state of professional limbo in the Raider organization. He hasn't been listed on the team's website as an assistant coach since the incident took place. The Wayback Machine, an online archive which snapshots Internet sites, says that he had been previously.

And David White reports in the Chronicle that Hanson hasn't been seen in Raiders practices since.

And it's hard to imagine he'll be seen in Raider practices ever again. But he's no longer willing to keep that fractured mouth of his shut.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer would be more than happy to take the paid leave and full salary if anyone feels like punching him out. 

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