Raider Rookie “Pantses” AFC Rival at Symposium

I don't know much about rookie wide receiver Louis Murphy, the Raiders' fourth round draft pick from Florida. But he just became one of my new favorite players.

You might even say he's charming the pants off me. He is doing this by "pantsing" his fellow rookies when they attempt to hold serious interviews with the media.

Louis Murphy, like all NFL rookies, is currently attending the NFL Rookie Symposium in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Symposium is a four-day workshop intended to stress to the rooks the importance of financial planning, personal conduct, and the dangers of being in the public eye.

One rookie, Miami Dolphins' cornerback (and Vernon Davis' little brother) Vontae Davis has already encountered these dangers. His state identification was stolen in June, and the thief was later arrested for an unrelated charge. But not before he had already used Davis' ID. Davis spent a couple of weeks having to clear his name, even though the Dolphins could vouch for his whereabouts at the time of the arrest.

"The biggest thing is to know how to say 'no,'" Davis told the Palm Beach Post. "That should be the biggest word in your vocabulary. Some people may have to go through a class where they say 'no' a thousand times."

But as Davis was conducting this very serious interview, Louis Murphy crept up behind him, grabbed his pants, and pulled Davis' drawers down to his ankles. Hilarity ensued. Or at least, that's hilarity in my opinion.

He may love to clown, but Murphy has been frankly impressive as a Raider thus far. Cam Inman said in the Mercury News that "he has the right spirit and could make an impact on this team," and Patrick Patterson wrote in The Examiner that "rookie Louis Murphy has shown flashes that he will be successful at the NFL level." Murphy could legitimately unseat Javon Walker as the Raiders' number three receiver.

And now we know he's one of your more entertaining Raiders, in the mold of Warren Sapp or Gerard Warren.

The Raiders don't have the Miami Dolphins on their regular season schedule this year. So if Louis Murphy is going to beat the pants off Vontae Davis on the field, it would have to be in the playoffs.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is also a fan of nipple cripples, wet willies, and atomic wedgies.

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