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Rare Willie Mays Baseball Card Stolen From Rob Schneider's Encino Home: Report

A rare Willie Mays baseball card worth an estimated $175,000 was stolen from actor Rob Schneider's Encino home Friday night, TMZ reported.

Thieves burglarized the house while the Saturday Night Live veteran and "Deuce Bigalow" star was away at the Comedy Film Festival in Montreal.

Schneider's wife and kids were out having dinner in Los Angeles. Thieves also took his wife's diamond engagement ring, a Cartier watch and other expensive items, according to TMZ.

The card, a 1951 Bowman Willie Mays rookie card, was reportedly in mint condition and is valued at $175,000.

Schneider is a big baseball card collector and San Francisco Giants fan.

The thieves also took off with a 1953 and 1971 Mays Topps card, TMZ reported, but the thieves apparently did not take anything from Schneider's "main card collection."

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