Chef’s Stoner Dish Named After Lincecum

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Tim Lincecum got a lot of attention after he was busted with pot up in Washington last year.

There was this viral video. And who could forget those Philly fans holding up signs that said "Wanna Smoke?" and "Hippy Trash" during a game?

Well, Chef Ron Siegel of the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco has a dish for the Giants pitcher, "The Lincecum."

"The caviar and egg are served atop plastic wrap, covering a cedar-smoke-filled bong that was purchased in the Haight apparently. The diner taps a small hole in the plastic to gradually release the wafting smoke to complement the taste buds," Inside Scoop SF reports.

If you can't get enough marijuanna in your food, you're in luck. Siegel's dish is part of a growing trend called "haute stoner cuisine."

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