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Super Bowl 50 Brings Lucrative Home Renting Possibilities

With Super Bowl 50 heading to Levi's Stadium on February 6-8 and hotel rooms selling out quickly, the opportunity for residents in Santa Clara and beyond to temporarily rent their homes out is starting to look more lucrative.

A representative for Airbnb told San Jose Mercury News that the company already has more than 7,000 available listings and is seeing "three-and-a-half times more searches than normal for that weekend."

Current listings on the high end of pricing include a four-bedroom house in San Jose for $3,500 per night, a three-bedroom house in Santa Clara for $2500 per night, and a four-bedroom house in Santa Clara for $1850 per night.

And prices will inevitably skyrocket as the months tick away.

Ian McHenry of Beyond Pricing, which works with people renting out properties to help set rates, cautioned that events such as this often lead to the market for housing being flooded with exorbitant rates that don't get business.

"People equate a listing with a booking," he told the publication, "but it often doesn't turn out that way."

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