The Freak and the Beard Are Coming to a TV Near You


Who wouldn't want to buy products pushed by people with nicknames like "The Freak" and "The Beard?"

The Giants are coming to a Wheeties box near you soon, but what players are set to cash in on the team's World Series Success?

The San Francisco Business Times reports that Giants' pitchers Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson are seen as the team's two stars most likely to break through to the advertising world.

Both players have strung together successful seasons and while Lincecum has been shy -- and sometimes coarse -- when doing media interviews, Wilson has shown a real comfort in the limelight.

Videos of him pulling pranks live on air during television interviews have gone viral on the web, his humor has prompted politicians to make S&M jokes in public and he even silenced the chatty Jay Leno.

Lincecum already has a deal with Red Bull, as evidence by his hat during the Giants' victory parade. But author Bob Dorfman, who writes about athlete endorsements, tells the Biz Times Lincecum could make as much as $1 to $3 million in new endorsement deals this summer.

He says whatever product Wilson is using to dye his signature beard -- and no it's not the sun from all those day games -- should be knocking on his door already.

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