The Origins of Kaepernicking

Kaepernicking went viral after the Green Bay Packers game

The current viral meme in the U.S.A. is all about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's touchdown dance. To meme is to mimic.

A kiss of his bicep, not once but twice, in the end zone during a nationally televised game against the Green Bay Packers in week No. 2 of the playoffs and the newest phenomenon was born. 

His timing couldn't have been better.  

"Kaepernicking" is a move Kaepernick makes after personally scoring a touchdown.  His celebration in the end zone includes a kiss of his tattooed bicep.

Kaepernick has already trademarked the move.

Kaepernick is not the first athlete to patent a pose. Football star Tim Tebow owns the trademark to "Tebowing", which is the act of dropping to one knee and bowing in prayer.

Kaepernick had a break out game against the Packers, rushing for 181 yards and scoring not one but two touchdowns on his own. He also passed for another 263 yards in the game for two more touchdowns.  

Below is a report on the origins of the meme. Above is NBC Bay Area's Marla Tellez doing the move thousands have memed in recent weeks. 

Kaepernick's hometown of Turlock, California held a city wide tailgate party Saturday and nearly the entire town showed up.

They took pictures with a Kaepernick cut out, ate No. 7 cupcakes and emjoyed Central Valley prime cuts of meat.

Everyone said they wanted to celebrate the man who put the city of Turlock on the national map.

Hundreds of people waited in long lines to write personal messages of thanks for their hometown hero.

Organizer Lisa Berdardo said Kaepernick is an inspiration especially to the children. 

"To believe, its all about who you want to be, its really exciting to see all these notes everywhere," Berdardo said.

The mayor of Turlock read a proclamation making this Colin Kaepernick and 49er weekend.

Local businesses chipped in to help pay for the party. Normally an event like this takes months to plan, but Saturday's event was put together in two weeks.

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