Tim Lincecum Goes Off Road With Red Bull

Tim Lincecum went off-roading with Bryce Menzies and Red Bull recently and got some ridiculous air. We have video.

We've highlighted some of the things Tim Lincecum's done with Red Bull as a result of his partnership.

They rocked him out in ridiculous slo-mo, they put him on the front of their magazine, and they did a "repeat the Freak's delivery and win stuff" contest with Lincecum.

Recently, Red Bull put the Giants franchise player in a(nother) dangerous situation, taking him off road with Bryce Menzies in an 800-horsepower truck at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. And recorded it, of course.

Freaking awesome, right? (Get it?)

My favorite part is when Menzies tells Lincecum it's his time to get "behind the wheel" and Lincecum says he "might go a little bit slower than you."

I'm tempted to make some comment about this endangering Lincecum's health, but a) he's getting paid for this (!), b) I'm sure he's got something in his contract relating to Red Bull activities, and c) this is one of the perks of being really rich and famous and good at sports.

Especially considering Menzies says he wants to "scare [Lincecum] a little bit." He does just that -- the pair get some freaking ridiculous air.

"That was ... up there, man," Lincecum said afterward.

H/T: Big League Stew

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