TMZ Puts Newsom Into Extra Inning Ribbing

Payment on a World Series bet from Texas catches the eye of TMZ

Remember those bets between San Francisco's mayor and the mayors of all the teams the Giants beat in the playoffs?

Well the losers are still paying off their debts. "It was really a rout, those poor mayors," Mayor Gavin Newsom told Bay City News.

This week Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck sent his promised ribs to Newsom's office.

Somehow two photos of the mayor and his staff got out to a celebrity gossip Website.  (Why TMZ would care is entirely different story.) But the photos now have given Newsom cause to do some additional ribbing of his own.

"The pictures leaked, and it wasn't by our office," Newsom told BCN.

This is not the first bet that has left the San Francisco mayor feeling short shrifted.  He has said jokingly that Atlanta's mayor picked a windless day to fly the Giants flag on City Hall and he questioned whether the mayor from Philly actually wore the Giants cap as promised for an entire work day.

The mayor enjoys ribs courtesy of the Arlington mayor.

"I'm onto these mayors," he added. "You just can't trust politicians." 
Cluck is supposed to fly to the city next week to settle the last part of the bet which will involve the man from Texas coaching a little league team while wearing a Giants jersey.

Newsom says Cluck will get added scrutiny because of the recent hi-jinks.

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