San Francisco Giants

Walruses, Tiger, Dolphin Root on San Francisco Giants

By now, we're all pretty aware that the animals and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom are sports fanatics.

Remember Siku the Walrus doing pushups with 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh?

Well, now Siku and her furry pals are rooting on - who else? - but the San Francisco Giants, who play just minutes from their Vallejo amusement park. The team takes on the Kansas City Royals Friday at AT&T Park in San Francisco in Game 3 of the World Series. The two teams are tied 1-1.

Siku and Uquq mugged this week for park spokeswoman Nancy Chan, who caught them nuzzling whiskered noses behind a an orange and black sign that reads, "Together We are Giants."

Faruq the tiger clawed up a pole wrapped with rope, reaching for a "Go Orange and Black Sign."

And Liberty the bottlenose dolphin thinks he has a lot in common with Hunter Pence. He held a sign reminiscent of the ones drawn up by opposing teams' fans over the summer that said that both the dolphin and the Giants outfielder can hold their breath underwater for 10 minutes.

Chan said the park animals always get into the spirit of the national sporting stage. They posed for photos each time the Giants have been in the  World Series, and participate in Super Bowl "picks" every time the 49ers are in the game.

And of course, Chan pointed out, the park's new baby giraffe, Brandon, was named after Giants first baseman Brandon Belt, and Posey the penguin is named for Giants catcher Buster Posey - even though she's a female.

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