Warriors' Klay Thompson Still Owns First Big Purchase After Entering NBA

[CSNBY] Warriors' Klay Thompson still owns first big purchase after entering NBA
Drew Shiller

After playing three seasons at Washington State, Klay Thompson elected to forego his senior year and enter the 2011 NBA Draft.

At No. 11 overall, the Warriors selected the shooting guard one pick after the Kings took Jimmer Fredette.

From Sacramento's perspective ...

... oops.

But anyways -- what was that first payday like for Klay?

"I still remember the number when I saw that check. It was incredible," the three-time NBA champion recently told Maverick Carter of Uninterrupted. "You try to keep it simple and you try not to overspend on nice things.

"My first purchase was my pool table. I still have that to this day. Oh yeah, still got my billiards table."

Over the years, we haven't heard much about "Billiards Klay." We know he likes to read the newspaper and play chess, but pool? That's a new one.

The five-time All-Star then made everybody laugh with a great comment about his time in college.

"I just love life experience. I love to travel. I grew up in Oregon so I love being in the outdoors. It's not like that money made me happier. It was great to see that check, but I lived such a great life in Pullman at the time on my $1,100 a month stipend.

"That went so far in Pullman, man. I could get as much Taco Del Mar as I wanted. I could go Target and have a field day."

Just perfect and very on-brand.

Now we need to find out what his biggest order ever was at Taco Del Mar. He probably will eat there when Washington State retires his jersey on Jan. 18, right?

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Lastly, Klay got a little sentimental.

"Wealth is a mindset man. If you have the relationships and the experiences around you, those are priceless. It's better than any car you can get, any big house.

"It's just about those relationships to me."

P.S. -- Klay could throw it down in college:

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