Warriors' Steph Curry Breaks Down Art of Draining Half-court Shots

Steph Curry has mastered the art of the deep 3-pointer. 

Whether he's in front of, or behind, the half-court line, defenders can't afford to stary far from the Warriors star with the ball in his hands. Curry said Friday on "Warriors Pregame Live" that he practices deep 3-pointers "all the time," and the key to hitting such long shots with regularity is maintaining consistency in his shooting form. 

"If you looked at it from the waist up, it's pretty much the same," Curry said Friday, breaking down a buzzer-beating half-court shot against the Jazz from 2016. "My momentum's obviously going full-court, dribbling where you're getting your momentum so you can have that range, but everything above the shoulder is pretty much the same as it is on a standstill jumper. You try to have the same release point, but the footwork's a little different and your momentum is obviously carrying you down the floor, so that's where you gotta have a little touch at that point."

Curry made an NBA-leading 62 3-pointers from at least 28 feet last season, hitting on 37.6 percent of said shots. He also took over half of his shots within two seconds of receiving the ball, according to NBA.com. 

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NBC Sports Bay Area analyst Chris Mullin credited Curry's ability to ensure his shot is always "coming out of the pocket," and Curry explained to the Basketball Hall of Famer how he's able to quickly release the ball.

"That's [being] shot-ready, no matter what it is," Curry said. "Like you know, if you're [in a] catch-and-shoot and you're spacing the floor, you kind of have your position ready. Your hands -- we call it 10 fingers, 10 toes towards the ball -- but if I have the ball in my hands and I'm dribbling, there's always an athletic position that you're in, that you're kind of able to shoot out of, at least."

Curry's methodology sounds simple enough, but your results just might differ if you try to replicate it. 

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