“We're 1000 Percent Like The Most Normal People On Earth:” Stephen Curry's Wife Ayesha Curry

She's a wife, a mom and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry’s biggest cheerleader.

Ayesha Curry wears a lot of hats, but on Thursday night she was focusing on only one thing: How to keep her husband focused on leading his team to victory in the NBA playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers.

More than 20,000 fans filled Oracle Arena to cheer the Warriors on until the very end of Thursday night's Game 3 nail-biter -- the Clippers won 98-96 -- and a very emotional Ayesha was among them.

“Our day-to-day life isn’t this,” she said, referring to the crazed fans and the flashing bulbs at Oracle. “We are completely, 1,000 percent like the most normal people on earth. Our night consists of lying in bed and watching HGTV.”

A former model and actress, Ayesha met Curry in high school and they became college sweethearts.

She told NBC Bay Area in a pre-game interview Thursday that, for the couple, it’s always “family first.” Their world centers around their faith and their little girl, Riley.

On Thursday, as thousands got ready to watch Stephen take on the Clippers, Ayesha was busy taking care of the little things.

“Usually I cook a pre-game meal. It’s usually some sort of pasta, and if not pasta, and I’m not cooking, then its Subway,” she said. “He [Stephen] takes a pre-game nap, and Riley and I kind of do our thing during that time to give him a little bit of clarity of mind, a little relaxation before all the big stuff happening over there.”

Ayesha described Curry as a “great dad.”

“He’s so hands on, he’s fantastic, he learned from the best -- his dad’s amazing, so you know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree," she said.

In his fifth season as a guard with the Warriors, Curry’s schedule is nothing short of rigorous.

“It’s always trying to find the balance in the chaos and every day we are working on that,” Ayesha said.

Ayesha's Twitter feed is filled with Vine videos and pictures of Riley and Stephen, giving fans an inside look at the Curry family. One of her YouTube videos shows her and Stephen talking about their relationship candidly, talking just like any other 20-somethings. 

They joke about “who wears the pants in the family” (“I think we got the 50-50 thing down, right?” Ayesha asks Curry, laughing), nicknames (Curry calls Ayesha “ishiboo”), favorite restaurants (El Paseo) and Ayesha’s favorite shows (Revenge, Teen Mom 2 and American Horror Story).

The video gives fans a look at Stephen’s playful side. At one point he even teases Ayesha about her favorite team (Let’s see, um, uh, they play in Oakland…?).

The Currys will be back at the Oracle Arena Sunday as the Warriors will try and even the series in Game 4.

That, obviously, is a must win for both of them.

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