Work on New 49er Stadium Starts

49er Stadium Rendering

There's no real guarantee the 49ers are going to move to Santa Clara, but that has not stopped the city from going full steam ahead with plans for a new stadium, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Construction workers are getting ready to install fire hydrants, move high voltage poles and do environmental tests on the site of the future 49ers stadium. Nevermind that the city and team have not figured out how to fund the project -- or that there's no official deal in place.

The newest plans come after Santa Clara City Council agreed last week to transfer $4 million to the 49ers company for work on the stadium site. The move was an effort to move the money before the state made a decision on redevelopment funds.

Acting City Manager Carol McCarthy says between $700,000 and $800,000 will be spent on basic improvements to the proposed site next to the Great America theme park between now and December.

Santa Clara voters agreed in June to spend up to $114 million in public funds on the new stadium. That still leaves a lot of the funding for the $937 million project unaccounted for.

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