49ers Rely on Technology to Ensure Fan Satisfaction

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With more than 71,000 people expected to pour into Levi’s Stadium Sunday to watch the 49ers play in the NFL Conference Championships, the team is relying on technology to make sure fans have a great experience.

The 49ers are the only team in the NFL to use this system and come Sunday, it will alert the team about everything at Levi’s Stadium, from a clogged toilet to parking issues.

The program is called Executive Huddle and it was developed by SAP in Palo Alto.

“If fans are coming at a faster rate at the gate, we will redeploy staff to those gates so fans don’t wait,” said Moon Javaid.

In addition to receiving information as soon as a ticket is scanned, fans can give feedback by pressing a face that represents their experience.

If a lot of sad faces are registered, staff is immediately sent to check out the problem. That is what happened at one bar.

“What they came up with is a fridge was broken so we were serving warm wine to our fans and here in the Bay Area, serving warm wine is not the best to do,” said Javaid.

The system also allows staff to know exactly which one of the stadium’s 70 bathrooms has run out of toilet paper.  The goal is to address problems within five minutes.

“If you get real time information, we can make that change during the game,” said Dave Martinez from SAP. “Then fans will leave happy and you have a returning consumer.”

The system is especially helpful with parking problems, allowing the team to divert traffic quickly when lots are full.

Executive Huddle was first implemented in October 2018 and the Niners say they’ve been scoring with fans ever since.

“What we’ve seen is fan satisfaction scores have risen dramatically,” said Moon.

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