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Apple (Finally) Bringing White iPhone



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    Winter brings incessant references to 'the white stuff.' This time of year, it's snow (why don't they just say that?). In '80s flicks, it's Snow (think Tony Montana). And in Apple circles, it's the white iPhone.

    Apple Stores prepped for the buying season by adding enormous iPad displays, an Express Desk (which rocks, btw) and changes to its signage. And it says right there, yes, in black and white, the white iPhone will be "available in Spring 2011."

    Problems with producing an all-white 'back' button have delayed the fashion accessory from hitting the market until now. And there's no mention of the white phone on Verizon, either.

    A couple of questions crop up, though. Has the delay affected the market's buzz among fashion mavens? And will the white version be available for any upcoming generations of phones?

    Either way, there's always the workaround solution: do it yourself.